• Personal connection – in small groups and on individual level

  • Caring involvement

  • Life support (active help and encouragement in daily living)

  • Fellowship

  • Outreach (investing outside ourselves) – ministries designed to bless and impact our communities and our world

  • Bridging the mutli-generational gap while valuing people of every age group

Our Mission

The mission of Santa Rita Church of the Nazarene is founded on the following foundations, focus and passions.



  • Exalt the Lord

  • Love passionately

  • Follow the Holy Spirit

  • Pray fervently

  • Honor God’s Word

  • Give joyfully

  • Value people of every age

  • Imitate Christ

  • Change our world



  • Preaching and living the Truth of God’s Word

  • Prevailing in prayer

  • Growing in faith

  • Being led by and filled with the Holy Spirit

  • Working in unity

  • Reaching the lost

  • Being hope and light in an age of uncertainty and darkness

  • Friendship evangelism

  • Establishing a family dynamic (the church as the family of God)

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