Making the "Golden Years" truly GOLDEN!!


Through the Prime Timers ministry, the Santa Rita Church of the Nazarene is responding to the large and growing group of older adults within church and community we serve. Mature adults are vitally important to our church. We recognize that within this group can be found valuable resources vital to the health and growth of our local ministries. We desire to honor the wisdom, experience, traditions, stability, spiritual maturity, and love for the church that this amazing group of individuals contribute to the community of believers. Our hope is to provide programs, ministries and activities that will bless and encourage all who are a part.


We recognize the great ministry potential that resides in this special group of individuals and have established and designed the Prime Timers Ministry to minister to those within this age group. This ministry is not only intended to focus on reaching mature adults, but also reaching and ministering to others through the many talents and resources they have to offer to those around them.

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